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who we are:


Niculeasa Law Office - Craftsmen of time

Precise and complex as clockwork, we provide solutions specifically customized to our Clients' needs. We devote more time, creativity, knowledge and skill in order to gain time and achieve financial efficiency for our Clients, adding value to their business.

True to the clockwork principles of functionality and accuracy, we function as a boutique law firm specialized in tax and regulatory, advice and litigation, our preferred complications.

Our goal is to provide Clients with customized legal services in specialized areas, with responses tailored to their needs and we understand the Clients' expectations for administrative and financial flexibility as well as for legal creativity.

We focus on the areas where we feel that we can offer to our Clients the best advice, and we prefer to do this as opposed to an excessive diversification.

We are specialized in tax, regulatory and related commercial matters, our experience covering a broad spectrum of legal issues, in depth analysed from a European and comparative perspective. We understand that Clients' business and activities become increasingly complex and regulated and our goal is to offer straightforward legal solutions. The team's background in tax, regulatory and related commercial law, blended with our dynamism, business oriented and open-minded approach are key elements for adding value and responding best to Clients' requirements.