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Tax Law

Our services extend significantly in the area of tax law, advice and representation, be it VAT regulations, income taxes, local taxes, excises tax or customs taxes.

We provide Clients with comprehensive tax advice, transforming the integration of taxation provisions into commercial advantages towards competition. With the proper legal and accounting consultants, tax issues can be used to strengthen a business.

The tax optimisation services and legal advices, which are always connected to the latest European regulations and case law, being either the EU or the OECD contexts are considered from the perspective of the time consumption and the long term costs involved.

We offer our Clients an input on the strength of their taxation principles and we assist them in front of tax authorities for the proper implementation of the identified solutions.

The added value of our services comes from our experience in tax litigation, a perspective which allows us to successfully represent your interest during tax inspections, to obtain the suspension of enforcement of tax decisions and, eventually, to challenge the measures decided by the authorities.

Relevant track record - tax law:

Obtaining for a large foreign automobile company the appliance of a special customs regime.

Assisting a mineral company in relation to tax and state aid issues, by annulling the tax decisions and thus ending a three rounds tax control.

Assisting a major foreign oil company in relation to the enforcement of a fiscal debt, related to price transfer issues and obtaining the annulment of the tax decision. Also, we have initiated the procedure for the avoidance of double taxation in order to integrate the solution in the European tax strategy of the Client.

Assisting a major cereal player in tax issues related to VAT reimbursement and alleged carousel fraud, and obtaining the obligation of the state authorities to proceed with the reimbursement of the VAT, in spite of the alleged criminal proceedings.

Representing a major storage system company and a former state owned company in obtaining the annulment of a tax decision related to the re-evaluation of immovable assets and to previously suspend and annul the enforcement procedure.

Assisting a major car parts company in successfully suspending and challenging a tax decision related to Intra-Community transactions.