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About Us

As mechanisms of an extremely fine adjusted horologe, we synchronize to values and landmarks, mutually agreed upon. We embark upon this materialization of time, guided by professionalism, creativity and innovation, by paying attention to details and by establishing a new philosophy of partnership.

We search the most appropriate solutions for our Clients' interests in litigation cases and tax and regulatory issues related to their business; in this respect, creativity and innovation being stretched to their limits. We are lawyers in the Clients' interests and we see the Client-attorney relationship as a long-term commitment based on confidence and responsibility.

Professionalism. It symbolizes the expression of experience, of refined techniques, of innovative approaches and efficient results. Besides substance, professionalism is supported by transparency, openness and integrity in the relationship with the Clients, and by a modus operandi implying maximum involvement, while trying to keep things simple.

Customized relationship. From our perspective this means the construction of a long lasting partnership based on real knowledge of our Clients' needs and interests, on quick answers and ingenious solutions.

Attention to details. In the architecture of Niculeasa Law Office values, details represent a fine mechanics, which proved in many instances that could change the course of things or are themselves the source of the winning solution. In clockwork language, this allows us to turn the complications into advantages.

Creativity and innovation. Creativity comes naturally from professionalism and perseverance and also from the experience gained in our areas of expertise. We are innovative in providing solutions fit for our Clients' needs, by adopting a constructive and pragmatic approach.